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The education we offer begins with the youngest learners in primary school and accommodates all who wish to stay with us to the end of their formal schooling. It is as comprehensive and inclusive for our teachers as it is for our pupils.

We recognise that schools transform lives, and we are investing in teaching through our NCTL-accredited teaching school, the Pimlico-London SCITT.

Our schools are ready to make the step-change from achieving Ofsted 'Outstanding' ratings to being truly excellent, not only in terms of SATs and EBacc results (though those measures are important) but also in terms of their ability to educate the whole child, to develop their positions in their local communities and to work with each other to support and to train their staff.

Through our curriculum, we have become a pioneer for a knowledge-led approach, but this new curriculum is only part of what we value: it is a building-block, a foundation stone, on which so much else can be built that is empowering and transformational for our pupils.

What we want and what we need to achieve is schools which continue to be places where pupils receive the highest standards in education; where staff challenge themselves to do things differently and better all the time, both in and beyond their classrooms; and where staff are proud to work and enjoy their roles.  Our schools need to be institutionally strong yet flexible, so that they can weather economic shifts, educational fads, demographic bulges and normal personnel turnover.

Interested in joining Future Academies?

If you are:

  • interested in working with our knowledge-led curriculum
  • an outstanding teacher, who combines academic rigour with a passion for your subject; and
  • dedicated to making a difference to the lives of our pupils

Then we would love to hear from you!

To find out more, email Elaine Evans, Head of Recruitment, at or view our current opportunities.

Future Academies

Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
Tel: 020 7802 1910