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Paddy McKeating

I have been at Pimlico since July 2011, initially as a teacher of history. In the academic year 2013-2014, I was the House Lead Learner for Hera House, and this year, I am the Acting Head of History. The high expectations of staff and students alike has created an atmosphere of achievement and rigour across the academy. This has enabled me to further my skills in the classroom as an outstanding educator, providing pastoral support for pupils and developing my management skills in different roles.

With the high expectations come benefits in the job. We are provided with complimentary breakfast, lunch, hot drinks and food at additional duties such as Parents' Evenings and INSET days. In addition, there is a strong camaraderie among the staff through extra-curricular activities. This is supplemented by the support which all staff receive to ensure that we provide our students with an outstanding education.

The students here at Pimlico display a strong commitment to their education through their study in lessons as well as through their independent work at home. We pride ourselves in the pastoral support we provide for all our pupils. The pastoral teams across all four houses have an excellent knowledge of each pupil and are able to support them in many ways to further their education. The inclusion department supports both pupils and staff in ensuring that all learners are able to show excellence in their learning here.

CPD is held on both a formal and an informal basis. From mentors for SCITTs and NQTs to close-knit support within departments and faculties, all teachers are regularly given support to progress. Academy-wide CPD is delivered by a variety of staff and all participating are regularly given a choice on what aspect of their own development they would like to focus on.

Here at Pimlico Academy, hard work, rigour and dedication are often rewarded with career progression. The senior management team is enthusiastic to help the career progression of all members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching alike. My experience is certainly testament to this ethos as I am currently head of a thriving department comprising of eight excellent teachers.

What sets Pimlico Academy apart is the rigour, passion and sense of community in which we all take immense pride. As staff, we have the same high expectations of students as we do of ourselves. Each visitor to the academy during my time here has commented favourably upon this, and I look forward to contributing even further to this in the future.

Alice Royal

I have worked at Pimlico Academy since 2012. I joined in my third year of teaching and I am now Co-Head of the Physical Education Department. If you are a hardworking, dynamic and motivated teacher, you could not ask for a more fulfilling place to work. The opportunities for CPD and career progression at Pimlico Academy are vast and varied. I have always felt supported and valued here. Staff receive a variety of benefits including free lunches, gym access and attendance vouchers, to name but a few. Moving from Bristol to London, I was not sure what to expect from pupils in an inner city school, but I was pleasantly surprised. The young people here are full of life and rewarding to teach. Every single day, they give you something to smile about!

Aurora Simpson

I have been a teacher and Head of Performing Arts for twenty-six years. I have seen the school go through many changes and grow from strength to strength. The students here are ‘unique’! They are well rounded and balanced individuals who never stop challenging and inspiring me! I have been fortunate enough to teach at least two generations of our pupils and still have contact with many that have long left. Working at the Academy now is immensely rewarding, especially now we are delivering such an exciting core curriculum. I can see the huge benefits of delivering this content-rich curriculum and absolutely love the constant drive and push to become such an outstanding academy. I feel privileged to work alongside such innovative and creative colleagues who are truly passionate about what they do and are so highly motivated to deliver high-quality lessons to our students. I guess that’s what has kept me here so long!.

Suzanne Thomson

I worked as a mathematics teacher for two years at Pimlico Academy before leaving for a promotion at another school.  I didn’t stay away for long, though, and was tempted back.  I’m now into my 4th year at Pimlico.  The department I work in is amazing with a true team spirit and lots of collaboration.  Our strengths at the school are recognised: promotion naturally occurs and is adapted to suit these strengths.  I’m now leading in teaching and learning but have also been given the opportunity to design assessments within the department. 

Like any other school, we have some challenging students but the majority of students are lovely and keen to learn.  There are really good relationships between staff and pupils at the school, which is aided by the school trips and clubs we choose to run or to participate in.  I’ve bonded with students on ski trips and trips to Dorset for outdoor activities, but also through the school’s boxing club.  We even have an outdoor climbing wall!

Olly Wimborne

Over the last five years, I have greatly enjoyed working here.  For much of this time, I have worked as a support tutor, and I am currently teaching in the Social Sciences Department.  As a result, my role has continued to develop over the years with the support of the school management and leadership.  I think that this is indicative of a wider school culture that values professional development and actively creates opportunities for staff to take on responsibility in a supportive way.  

As a school, Pimlico offers a positive and purposeful environment.  Students stand out as hardworking, friendly, and approachable, as do the staff. Teachers are particularly well supported by the premises team, IT and support staff, who all work hard to ensure the school runs well for students.

The staff benefits are popular at the school and include a free breakfast and lunch in the school restaurant. The staff society is very active and there are regular opportunities to participate in after-work sports clubs, quizzes,  cultural walks and more. During the evenings, weekends, and holidays, the school functions as a very popular community centre.  This  makes the school a unique place, giving you the opportunity to involve yourself in local community events, to pop in for the Sunday car boot sale or just to use the fitness room for an hour.

Kirsty Borzscs

I’ve been at Pimlico Academy for almost five years and throughout my time here, I’ve always felt incredibly supported by staff I have worked with. Pimlico Academy has given me so many opportunities both in terms of career development and personal enrichment. During my first year, I was given the opportunity to have a tutor group, which was unusual for a non-teaching member of staff. Getting to know the students has been a real highlight and helped me to become more involved in the life of the school. The Academy is incredibly supportive of CPD and my career has greatly benefitted from being given the opportunity to attend courses. So many friendly, sociable staff help make it a really special place, where I feel very lucky to work.

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