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Along with our knowledge-rich curriculum, Education Enrichment is one of the key pillars of Future Academies. We believe that a strong Education Enrichment programme is an essential part of raising the aspirations of our students and giving them both the knowledge and the skills to achieve excellence, regardless of their background or individual circumstances.

Our Enrichment scheme encompasses the following four areas:

  • connect students to the world of work, future education, training and employment
  • enrich the curriculum
  • provide exposure to culture, the arts and sport
  • build character, integrity, resilience and judgement

We believe that, while academic success is key to helping our students lead successful and fulfilling lives, it is only one part of the picture. Our Education Enrichment programme is specifically designed to help our young people develop beyond the realm of academics into well-rounded, thoughtful and healthy citizens, equipped to cope with the challenges that life throws at them. We achieve this through the provision of a broad variety of opportunities, ranging from an exciting array of extracurricular and cultural activities to talks and workshops on mental and physical health, staying safe, and developing an awareness of broader world-issues.

Curriculum enrichment

We are proud of our exceptional knowledge-rich curriculum, designed to provide knowledge that we believe will help our students succeed.

We believe knowledge is joyful and exciting, and we want our young people to develop curiosity about, and passion for, what they are learning in school.

To complement our curriculum, therefore, our Educational Enrichment programme helps to bring our students’ learning to life through the provision of subject-specific field and residential trips, competitions and workshops.

Culture, the arts and sport

Access to culture, the arts and sport is foundational to a well-rounded and exceptional education, and is the right of all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance.

We recognise that these experiences are the cornerstone of education and as such we offer a range of trips to top museums, galleries, theatres, and music venues.

We also provide a wide range of sporting and artistic activities for our students, such as coaching, tuition, clubs, and competitions.

Building character, integrity, resilience and judgement

We believe that these core skills will enable our students to succeed both at school and in their future academic, professional, and social endeavours.

To help our young people develop these skills we provide a multitude of opportunities, including safety and wellbeing workshops, charitable work and fundraising, social awareness, and volunteering.