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Future Academies

Future Academies


What is the Curriculum Centre?

Our work focuses on the development of new, high-quality curriculum programmes for our schools to use. Initially, this work began in with Pimlico Academy in 2012 and has continued to grow as Future Academies has grown. In recent years, we focused on supporting our hub of primary schools in Pimlico, creating a common curriculum in ancient history, British history, English literature, English grammar, Latin, and geography. More secondary schools have since joined the trust, and we are developing our Key Stage 3 curriculum offer and broadening our subject expertise. Over the last two years, we have launched common curriculum programmes in English Literature, English grammar, history, science, maths and Latin.

Why do we have a Curriculum Centre?

Our Trust, and by extension our curriculum, is built on a belief in imparting knowledge to our students that will empower them.

This curriculum is designed to be delivered by teachers who are experts in their fields, and has been written with the importance of memory in mind.

Our work is also driven by a desire to reduce unnecessary workload for our teachers through the provision of long and medium term planning documents, accompanied by classroom-ready resources that support complete, coherent and challenging curriculum programmes. 

A common curriculum across the trust also offers practical benefits to our schools, namely: access to high-quality and cost-effective resources for all teachers to use; the opportunity to collaborate during assessment moderation, which is especially important at Key Stage 3; the chance for staff to share best practice from our classrooms and exchange ideas and expertise on curriculum content; and the opportunity to access career development opportunities in curriculum design and leadership.

Our principles of curriculum design

The work of The Curriculum Centre in designing and developing the Future Academies’ curriculum is based upon seven principles of curriculum design. Our curriculum materials are:

  1. Knowledge-rich
  2. Domain-specific
  3. Coherent
  4. Cumulative
  5. Academically challenging
  6. Written with memory in mind
  7. Written for novices, not experts